What is the new normal and how will it affect us?

How will new normal affect job search and businesses?

Governments, the media, and employers across the world started using the term “new normal” in 2020. But what is the new normal and how will it affect me and you? What does it mean to business professionals? And how will it affect job seekers?

Is remote work the new normal?

While some are still getting used to remote work, others have been doing it for a while. Say what you want about this coronavirus situation, but it has put an important question before us: is remote work our future? Are home offices going be the new normal?

This is quite possible, as most tech companies adapted to remote work. Big companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Amazon sent home those who can work remotely. The global pandemic has affected some aspects of business, but not all of them.

Since people can have video meetings and conference calls, this situation might work out just fine for some.

However, we’re updating this article in April 2023 and we’ve witnessed all those companies introducing a “hybrid” work model where they require workers to be on-site a few days in the week.

What if remote work is not an option?

Of course, not everything can be done remotely – production has to resume at some point. The same goes for retail outlets and other industries that are not “essential”. The new normal in those environments will most likely be the implementation of social distancing measures and wearing personal protective equipment. For how long? We do not know – only time will tell.

Job search & the new normal

We can safely say that our new normal when it comes to looking for a job is an online job search.Job search during COVID-19 is different

We have been doing that long before the whole COVID-19 situation, but now especially. You can no longer just walk into a restaurant or drop by a company headquarters with your CV. Physical sites are closed, and even those that are open will not let you in just for a chat.

Job boards have established themselves as real staples of job search a while ago, but with the current situation, one thing is certain – they have secured their place for good.

LinkedIn is also booming, people who lost their jobs are very active. Reaching out to those who might help them, sharing their stories, and looking into options.


Freelancing as the new normal

Similarly to LinkedIn, freelance community sites have a high volume of visitors. People who lost their jobs are getting used to the new normal and are trying out things and giving freelancing a chance. This is the time when many are turning to their hobbies and are trying to build a business around it. Maybe that will be our new normal, everyone doing what they like and earning enough money to sustain their lifestyle. Wouldn’t that be a happy ending? 🙂


Video interviews to the rescue

Another thing that this situation brings is an increase in video interviews, as we previously discussed. You will probably get hired based on a few rounds of video interviews and have your training online. Once it is allowed to commute, you will probably visit your new company’s office while, of course, adhering to the relevant regulations.


Figure out your next step

If you need help figuring out where you stand as a professional, do not hesitate to book a coaching session. That is a valuable investment in your future and can help you to adjust to the new normal so it’s worth a shot. Especially if you don’t know where to begin.

However, if you already know what you want to do next and now all you need to do is prepare a killer CV and cover letter, check out this step by step guide that’ll help you get there. Simply follow the principles outlined in this book and get more replies to job applications.

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