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Staying connected while practising social distancing

Something that is on everyone’s mind in the past few weeks is how to stay close to those we care about while adhering to government’s regulations. We are all practising social distancing and we’re spending more time than ever with our household members! This is an unprecedented situation and we need to stay away from our colleagues and friends. Temporarily, we have to pause our hobbies and other non-essential activities. This is new to everyone, and we are all trying to cope with it!

While trying to figure out how not to lose our minds, we need to remember that humans are social creatures. We need each other. That is why we need to find a way to stay connected while practising social distancing!

Luckily, we live in a highly technological era. It’s very easy to stay connected thanks to social networks and apps such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Viber and Skype.

It is possible to keep social distancing while staying connected.
We can stay connected thanks to technology

Instead of going out for coffee, organize a Skype meeting with your friends or relatives! If you binge-watch the same TV show on Netflix, create a group chat, watch the episodes at the same time, and share your thoughts in the group. See if someone is interested in an online course which you can attend simultaneously and have discussions about the curriculum. Share recipes, home workout routines, and social activities which keep you and your household members entertained.

Limit the time you spend reading or watching the news. It’s enough to scroll through Facebook or Instagram and you’ll be all caught up with the latest coronavirus related stories. It is important to be informed, but there is no need to fill your day with despair.

Remember, this will pass, and we will go back to our busy lives. But until then, do try to enjoy life and don’t lose touch with others!

However, if you’d like to spend this time thinking about your career and planning your next move, make sure to read our Blog.

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