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Get a completely free, no strings attached CV analysis and find out how to improve your CV!

Yes, we know there are many sites out there that offer the same. But did you know that with Linking Lines you get a personalized, individual analysis? And we won’t bother you with follow up emails to subscribe to our newsletter or choose us to write your CV and cover letter.

When you submit your CV for a free review, a professional resume writer takes the time to go through your CV and they outline what should be changed so you could have better results! No other site offers that, most of them are automatized and give people similar replies in matter of seconds. Not only that, but they don’t actually tell you what to improve and use vague language.

Submit your CV for a free review if you are:

  • Struggling with getting replies to job applications
  • New to CV writing and you want to check if you’ve done it right
  • Constantly getting rejected when applying to jobs
  • Done with sites offering generic analysis of your CV that don’t help you at all


Use the form to submit your CV and we will get back to you in 1 to 2 business days.

With our free CV analysis, you will get:

  • Feedback on the first impression of your CV
  • Analysis of the overall tone of the document
  • Evaluation of errors
  • Tips on how to improve your CV

Just a reminder, you do not need to worry about privacy – we do not keep any of the files. We at Linking Lines care deeply about our each individual’s privacy and data security.