Why should you keep your resume simple?

The easiest way to get hired is by keeping your resume simple!

Keeping your resume simple is the safest way to ensure people will read it.

I know there’s a lot of advice on this particular topic (resume writing), but in this article, I’ll share Linking Lines’ approach to resume writing that works for our clients.

Are we still using resumes?

First, let’s address the elephant in the room: does anyone read resumes in 2023?

Especially with LinkedIn exploding, do you really need to have a resume?

Yes, you do, because it’s still the first point of contact with a potential employer.

It’s the document that tells them why they should pick you above all the other candidates.

In this competitive job market, having a clear, concise resume that stands out and makes a lasting impression is essential. And that’s why you have to keep your resume simple.

The benefits of keeping your resume simple

Having a simple resume first ensures that people will read it. And if you want to get to the interview stage, people do need to read your resume and think you’d be a good fit for the role.

Not only that but recruiters are flooded with “modern” looking resumes from Canva and other places. So, that means that if keep your resume simple, stick to the basics, and showcase your qualifications for the role, you’re more likely to get noticed. Remember, if everyone’s doing it, it doesn’t mean you should be doing it, too.

By keeping your resume simple, you’re showing the reader you can differentiate between relevant and irrelevant information. You didn’t include a job that you’ve had 20+ years ago, a story about your pet, or how much you enjoy stargazing. And this means a lot, especially when you have to go through dozens of resumes daily.

Having a simple resume also shows your ability to summarize information, which is not an easy thing to do, especially if you’re a seasoned professional.

Keep your resume simple and see what happens.How to write a successful simple resume?

Now that you know that simple is the way to go, let’s look into how you can actually do it.

First, include only information that is relevant to the job you’re now applying to, or the industry. This means that you will not mention your job as a call center agent if you now got into software development. The reason for it is very simple; it’s not relevant to what you want to do now.

And as you cut out all the unnecessary information and focus on the important stuff, you’ll naturally keep your resume simple because you’ll be able to keep it up to two pages maximum.

Next, find your angle. You want everything you include in your resume to help build your profile as a perfect candidate. This kind of goes hand in hand with relevancy because you want to talk about your past experience in a way that you focus on the aspects of your roles that are relevant to what you want to do now. So, in the call center agent moving to software development scenario, let’s say that you have to mention that experience because you spent 10 years there and it’s your only work experience. What you want to do there is, while keeping it simple, focus on aspects of the role that correlate to roles in software development. Mention ticketing systems, resolving technical and account issues, researching queries, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Things that are important in software development, too. That’s what I mean by saying “angle.”

While describing your experience and qualifications, make sure that the language is clear.

And use bullet points; they’re visually more appealing and your resume is then easier to read.

A simple resume for excellent resultsStand out by having a simple resume!

All the resumes that we write at Linking Lines are simple, yet effective. Our clients stand out because we don’t use templates, and you shouldn’t use them either.

The best way to get noticed is to be different, and if the entire world is using modern resume templates and they all look the same, wouldn’t you agree that keeping it simple might just do the trick? We’ve written about this before, too, so check out our other blog posts on this topic.

If you want to write a resume that’ll get you interviews, follow that advice or order this clear and simple step-by-step resume writing guide. Follow the principles outlined in this book and see how it transforms your job search forever!

And finally, if you’d like us to write your resume, get in touch using the form below.

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