“Linking Lines started off in September 2015 with a mission to help job seekers land a job interview, change their jobs, and improve their careers. To be able to provide exceptional career services continuously, we have to monitor global trends, test our skills, and regularly improve the way we do business.

What sets us apart from others is the fact we treat every client as an individual and really cater to their needs.

We don’t use templates – every single CV and LinkedIn profile we produce is 100% our work and you can rest assured it’s unique, tailored, and shows who you are! This approach is what makes us successful in CV writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, but also career consulting field.

I poured everything I learned about job search, CV and cover letters into a book called How to Write an Effective CV and Cover Letter, which is a step-by-step guide that will teach people how to write CVs and cover letters that will bring results.

Other than providing career-related services, Linking Lines also offers translation & localization services for various languages. We collaborate with global language experts, offer competitive prices, and always deliver projects on time.

I know language is powerful and it’s all in how you say it! You can get a long way by using your words appropriately and Linking Lines is here to push you in the right direction. I have a keen interest in human psychology, language use, and marketing and I managed to bring all three together in Linking Lines. I hold a MA in Interpreting & Translation Studies, TEFL Certificate, Resume Writing Certificate, and a Certificate in Career Coaching and my desire is to help people get where they want to be.”