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What to include in a CV profile section?

what to include in a cv profile section

There are many questions one faces when writing a CV, and surely enough, what to include in a CV profile section is up there when we talk frequency.

Online, you’ll find various templates that supposedly reveal what to include in a CV profile section. Firstly, we don’t recommend you use a template because everyone else has access to them, too. Next, what different career sites often fail to take into the account is individualization. There is not just one list of important things to mention. It all depends on your situation.

So, in this article, we’ll go over the key things you need to include in the CV profile section, so, keep on reading!


What is a CV profile section?

CV profile section is usually the opening one, the first thing readers see. Some people like to write a paragraph, often mixing personal and professional worlds. We at Linking Lines advise two things: first, stick to professional, and second, use bullet points.

Next, CV profile section can be called differently. You can say it’s your career or skills overview or highlights. You can really be creative here, but whatever you do, remember that’s your “profile”.

What to include in a CV profile section

Firstly, you need to do your research. Study carefully the job ad you’ll apply to and then find 5-10 other ads for that same position. While reading all of those, you will surely notice a pattern, or some repetitiveness. Those are your key words and that’s what you need to include in a CV profile section.

It can be different things: specific apps you need to be acquainted with or certain personality traits. Whatever it may be, include those in your CV profile section. By doing so, you’re creating an ATS optimized CV which means that the CV scanning software will pick up those key words and phrases. And that’ll put you at the top of the recruiter’s CV pile.


However, you can not have just a bunch of key words floating there. Instead, you want to incorporate those in your CV as naturally as possible.


Let’s say that the repeated key phrase is “ability to work under pressure.” What you should include in a CV profile section is a full bullet point, for example: Highly organized with proven ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.In order to know what to include in a CV profile section, you need to do your research.

Why? Because it sounds more natural and it gives your reader a fuller picture of who you are as a professional. Not only can you work under pressure, but you’re able to meet deadlines, and you can do all that because you’re highly organized. You’re telling a story instead of simply copy-pasting a repeated key phrase.


Next, you want to include something that means a lot to you. If you’re particularly proud of the fact that you’ve experienced in negotiating contracts or working with teams in different time zones, mention it. Even if it’s not a requirement for this particular role you’re applying for. You want to show what you can do – you’re building your profile here.


Check job descriptions

Job ads for your particular role are one part of the research. The other part is checking job descriptions and deciding what to include in a CV profile section. This is important because job ads don’t always reflect the full duties or what is expected of the candidates. Same as for the job ad, we’d recommend checking at least 5 different sites with job descriptions. For example, we use Workable and BetterTeam. However, there are many other sites that can be helpful!


What else to include in a CV profile section?

Well, this will depend on your situation. As we said, limit it to your professional life and combine your own thoughts with what you find online.

To gain a deeper insight into the wonders of CV writing, get our step-by-step professional CV writing guide here.


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