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Should I quit my job?

Signs I should quit my job? Sure, we’ve all been there. “Should I quit my job?” is a question that everyone’s faced with sooner or later. It doesn’t have to mean you want to leave the company – it just means you want to quit your current job.

Should I quit my job?A simple and very superficial, quick search on the internet shows multiple queries users put in. If you write “should I qu”, you get multiple suggestions about quitting job.

Why is this so? Do many people have the same question in mind – should I quit my job? The answer is most probably YES. Even this search shows that.

So, let’s look into should you quit your job.

Signs you want to quit your job

We know we’re not the only ones trying to answer your question. However, we will try to answer it from a professional career coach angle! So, let’s talk about major signs that show you want to quit your job. Some of these might be on a subconscious level, but we need to take them into the account nonetheless.



Firstly, it’s definitely loss of motivation. This can happen for various reasons. It can be that you’re in the role for years, that you haven’t been promoted when you feel like you deserve it or any other reason you can think of. How do you know if you suffer from loss of motivation? Well, if you have trouble getting out of bed and going to work, there’s one. If you no longer look for creative ways to contribute to your team and improve things but instead just perform, there’s another. We could go on and on about this, but we’re going to stop right there.



Secondly, it’s boredom. Yes, you’ve read it right – boredom or lack of challenges is another reason why people start asking should they quit their jobs. If you know the drill and you’re comfortable in your role, that’s great. For a little while, that is! Humans need to be stimulated and we need to challenged.

Perhaps you haven’t thought about it in terms of your career, but every time you get a new task – that’s your challenge. If you’ve met everyone’s expectations (including your own) and you feel like that’s all there is – you’re bored. And that’s when you should start asking yourself Should I quit my job?


Work Environment

The third major reason why people want to quit their job is work environment. It doesn’t have to be toxic perse, but something can be off. We’d like to remind everyone reading this article that you’re better than staying at a place where you don’t feel comfortable! If you are faced with toxic colleagues or even worse, management, please quit as soon as possible.

But here, we’re talking about work environment in general. It can be that you’ve been working from home since the COVID hit and now you don’t want to go back to the office. If your company is insisting you do so, maybe it’s the right time to start thinking about quitting your job.

Another scenario that can be off putting is nepotism, favouritism, and any other “ism” there is. If you are not getting ahead or learning or if you don’t feel comfortable – that’s your cue.



And lastly, we’ll cover the obvious – salary and benefits. We all have expectations, and our work places are not exempt of those. There comes a time when you start to value yourself more and, naturally, you want more. If the company is not willing to listen and look into your concerns, perhaps you should ask yourself Should I quit my job.


Before we wrap up this part, we have to say that this topic is very sensitive and decisions are very individual. Some might be completely fine with not being challenged. Others would say that’s their only reason to quit. It really depends on you so, we’d love to hear from you! What are your reasons to quit a job? When do you ask yourself Should I quit my job?


How do I know for sure that I should quit my job?

Here’s a simple exercise we at Linking Lines do with our clients who come in for career coaching. We ask them to close their eyes and imagine the following: imagine tomorrow is your last day at your current job. And you can do the same exercise.

How do you feel? Do you feel anxious or sad? Do you feel excited? How do you feel when you think about your alarm going off, and you doing your morning routine but without having to think about your current job? Your colleagues, counterparts, managers? Don’t answer straight away – think about it. Allow yourself to feel.

If what you’re feeling falls anywhere on the positive side of things, there’s your answer!


Ok, I should quit my job. Now what?

So, once you’ve established that it’s time to go, you need to make sure your CV and cover letter and LinkedIn profile are good to go.

There’s plenty of advice out there on CV writing, but if you’d like to learn how to do it like a pro, order our ultimate guide to CV writing. It’s also available as an ebook.

Lastly, if you’re having issues with creating your professional profiles, please get in touch.


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