How to find a job I love doing?

how to find a job i love doing

The main reason why people opt for career coaching is to find an answer to the question How to find a job I love doing. So, if you are wondering the same, hopefully you’ll take comfort in learning that you’re not alone. And that is an understatement. Everyone struggles, even more so these days when there’s loads of opportunities available and the job market’s hot.

Let’s break this down!


Why is it hard to find a job I love doing?

In case you haven’t noticed, we now we have positions and whole career paths available to us that our grandparents never heard of. Truth be told, not even our parents have! What does this mean? And what does it have to do with the question How to find a job I love doing? Well, it does very much so! Because before, people didn’t have as many options. Today, anything can be a career.

For example, let’s say you like to draw portraits. Great – build TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest profiles, showcase them, and start earning from it.

You like reading or watching TV shows or movies? Nice – write about it and earn money by sharing your thoughts with the world through YouTube, Facebook, or any platform of your choosing.


To conclude, it is difficult to stay put, keep your head down and keep showing up for your boring 9-5 job when you see what’s happening in the world. Basically, you just need to find that one thing that you can never get tired of. So, in other words, it is hard to find a job you love doing because there are so many possibilities! Hence, people tend to get lost and paralyzed instead of embracing the fact.


How do I find a job I love doing?

And that brings us to the essence of this article. You’re all wondering How do I find a job I love doing, right? In reality, the answer is extremely simple: by trying things out!

Yes, it is really that simple.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, you have to keep playing the game in order to find it. In the world of jobs, it means – change jobs.

Give each role a chance and see if it makes you tick.exploring is the only answe to the how to find a job i love doing question

Do you see yourself growing in the role and the field? How do you feel after work, are you tired or in a bad mood? Do you talk about your chosen job with enthusiasm?

These are all valid questions that will tell you if you managed to find a job you love doing.


If the answer to any of these is No, then you need to keep looking.


There are internships available, volunteering, part-time roles, remote roles, and freelance roles. There is absolutely no excuse for you not to try out different things until you find what you love doing.


How can I overcome the obstacles that stop me from finding a job I love doing?

Getting into the game of changing jobs until you find something you like is easy. Once you get over the obstacles that prevent you from jumping into it, that is. When we talk about obstacles, there are two types.

Practical obstacles

The first ones are practical obstacles – when you don’t yet have the needed skills or in-depth knowledge. Those obstacles are easily fixed. If you managed to find something that you can turn into a job you love doing, now you need to educate yourself. So, you either find a support network or a course that’ll allow you to start doing it.

Maybe you already have the skills but need a paper to prove it. Whatever the case may be, there’s always a way to deal with these obstacles.

Mental blockages

The second type of obstacles are mental blockages and they are usually planted in us. It can come from parents, partners, siblings, or friends.

You see, people have the tendency of seeing the world through their own eyes and find it hard to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Moreover, this means that they project their opinions about themselves on others.

So, let’s say you want to start designing clothes, never having anything to do with either design or the fashion industry. If you talk to your sibling who’s stuck in a job they don’t like or they are generally unhappy, what do you think they’ll tell you?

9/10 times, they’ll say it’s impossible to do and then list a bunch of reasons why. Surely, you can’t forget – those reasons are theirs and have nothing to do with you! It tells you how they see themselves, not you. Perhaps it’s impossible for them, but if you think of it, then you can do it. With this in mind, don’t take what they say personally.

To cut the story short, if you want to find a job you love doing, you just need to go for it. The way you overcome obstacles is by taking a step back, looking at it objectively, and then figure out your action plan. Sometimes, it means simply tuning out the negative voices.

To find a job you love you need to overcome the obstaclesIf you are still struggling with answering the How to find a job I love doing, perhaps you could find our Exploring Options counselling session useful.


However, if you have it all figured out and now need help with the CV writing part, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our step-by-step professional CV writing guide right here. It’s bound to get you more replies to job applications and change the way you think about job search.


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