What is job hopping?

Job hopping can lead to better opportunities

With the rise of TikTok influencers, we’ve seen the topic of job hopping has been gaining popularity. That’s why we decided to write an article about it, and see what it is exactly and what are its advantages and downsides.

What is job hopping?

First, let’s define the phrase. Job hopping is basically moving from one job to another in a relatively short period of time. Usually, we’re talking about one to three years. It’s something that goes against what people consider “acceptable” when it comes to career paths.

However, as it goes, times are different and so is our view on careers. Hence, job hopping is not seen as entirely negative anymore. Yet, this depends on whom you ask, but usually, people are more and more okay with it because the view on career paths has changed.

Advantages of Job Hopping

Let’s see what are the advantages of job hopping. Different people will consider different things when switching jobs and perhaps you won’t find my advantages positive. But, my aim is to talk about those and make readers think.

Exploration and Skill Development

When you’re switching jobs, you’re exposed to different roles, teams, and work environments. Some will even hop right into a new industry.

With job hopping, you’ll develop new skills, acquire new experiences, and meet new people. This means a lot of progression if you play your cards right; both in a personal and professional sense.

Because you’ll switch jobs often, you’ll attend a lot of job interviews. And this means you’ll get better at presenting yourself and communicating. These are valuable skills that you can transfer to any situation.

It’s not that easy to switch jobs so you’ll need the courage to do so. Meaning, you’ll have to be bold and you’ll become more resilient, flexible, and adaptable.

Increased Compensation

Believe it or not, one of the main reasons people practice job hopping is compensation. There are many videos on social media about this and, unfortunately, it’s true.

Job hoppers can very often secure higher pay and moving to new companies offer the chance to get better benefits and incentives.

Broadened Network

When you’re job hopping, you’re exposed to new people. And just like that, you can broaden your network. In most cases, if you stick to one company, and unless you regularly attend conferences, you probably won’t be meeting new professionals.

What about loyalty and professional reputation?Job hopping can boost your career

So, job hopping sounds all good and interesting, but what about company loyalty? What if your professional reputation suffers? Depends on who you ask; some will tell you the risk is too great while others will tell you to go for it.

Ultimately, the choice is yours but remember: companies are founded to make money. Your employment is a transaction. You give them your time and expertise in return for money and benefits. So, if you find someone who’s willing to offer better conditions, should you pass on the opportunity for loyalty?

As for reputation, it’s all in how you present your job hopping. If you’re self-aware enough to recognize it’s time to move on, isn’t that a good thing? Wouldn’t you want to work for someone who appreciates your maturity and self-awareness? If someone thinks this is bad, do you want to work for them?

Remember, people switch jobs all the time and we are all just trying to get by. No one switches jobs for no reason and no one enjoys the process. Try to find an employer who understands that and always take care of yourself first.

How can I painlessly switch jobs?

To switch jobs, you need to have a strong, high-quality CV. There’s plenty of free advice on our blog here, and if you’re ever stuck for an impactful CV, get in touch and we’ll help you with it. Together, we can ensure you have the best possible job available to you!

However, if you’d like to write your own CV, you can do so easily now with our step-by-step CV writing guide that’s available right here. Simply follow the principles outlined here and get more replies to job applications.

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