How to write a letter of motivation for university

letter of motivation for university

Writing a letter of motivation for university is an important task and it requires your full focus. That can help you get into the school you want!

Whether you’re applying to a university, advanced course, or community college, you’ll be required to write one. The letter of motivation needs to convey your interest and dedication to the chosen study. If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know where to begin, use this article as your reference guide.

What is a letter of motivation?

A letter of motivation for university or anything else is basically a letter explaining why you want to join the program. It has to show the reader why you think you should make the cut. Also, it needs to show how the study will benefit you and, hand in hand with that, why you are motivated to enroll.

Letter of motivation needs to convince the reader that you’re precisely that – highly motivated to join!

The tone of voice in a letter of motivation for the university

Now that you understand what a letter of motivation is, let’s look at how you should write it. And here we mean what tone of voice you need to use.

Be specific, but short

The golden rule when it comes to writing a professional document applies here as well: less is more! So, in other words, you need to be specific when explaining your motivation, but short.

Specific means you need to share exactly how this program is going to benefit you. Why you want to be a part of it and why you’re interested. And we say “short”, we don’t mean write unfinished thoughts! Simply don’t get too tangled up in details – the readers don’t need to hear your full life story, just the part that’s relevant to this application.

Be positive, but not cheesy

When talking about writing a motivation letter for university, being positive is a must. That’s how you show enthusiasm and interest. However, be mindful you don’t use worn-out and cheesy phrases that can be found online. Instead, be honest, true to who you are, and share why you want to enrol into the program.

Using templates is not something we recommend, but we do understand it can serve some people as a good starting point. Hence, we’re sharing a few sites you might find useful. Just remember: don’t copy-paste because if you found these sites, other applicants can too!

Here are three sites for you to use if you’d like to:

Write that letter of motivation for university and go for it!Submitting your application

Once you have your letter of motivation for a university ready, submit your application and wait for the response! If you are still unsure of how to write the letter of motivation, you can get in touch with us, and we’ll do it for you. Simply use the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If, however, you’re interested in learning how to write an effective CV and cover letter, check our simple guide here.

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