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Can I ask to stay working from home?

We definitely live in uncertain times, and the COVID-19 situation has taken its toll. As some companies prepare for bringing their workers back into the offices, a question of permanent working from home pops in mind…can I ask to stay working from home if I really, really like it?

It doesn’t hurt to ask

Our advice would be to simply ask. If your performance is not suffering, your teammates haven’t complained to the manager, and your manager hasn’t told you anything negative since you started working from home, you might stand a chance. If nothing else, you will probably be offered to return to the office at the later phase (and we all know there are going to be phases because the workers need to get back gradually).

Make sure to elaborate

If you do want to ask if you can stay working from home, make sure to have a good reason. Perhaps not having to commute lifts your spirit and you get more things done. Or maybe the fact that you can walk your dog or have lunch with your family gives you the energy to get over the afternoon slump. Having numbers to back up these claims are always welcome!

Also, remember, these could be valid reasons to some, while laughable to others. We just mentioned a few very realistic scenarios, however, you need to see what would work in your situation.

Working from home
Working from home has been heaven for some

If it all fails…

In case you do ask if you can stay working from home and you get rejected, do not get discouraged. You can check with the team and see how others are feeling and talk to your manager again.

But, until then, do check out our posts about going back to work post-corona and get in touch if needed! ?

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