Are cover letters mandatory in job applications and should I write one?

What to write in a cover letter

Cover letters are something that many jobseekers are confused about. What’s their purpose and impact on the job search? Do you, as a job seeker, really should bother writing one? Do people even read the?

If these are some of the questions on your mind, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll look into this topic because many job seekers wonder are cover letters mandatory in job applications and whether they should write one.

What are cover letters?

First, let’s look into what we’re talking about here.

You need to know that a cover letter resembles a motivational letter, and it tells the reader who you are and why you’re applying for the job.

Usually, cover letters give a quick overview of your experience and skills that match the candidate profile the company is looking for. That way, you show your motivation for the role and why they should consider you.

Are cover letters mandatory?

Well, let’s put it this way. If you do something extra, it will go a long way. No one will ever force you to write a cover letter, but it’s always nice to have.

Why is this the case? To tell the truth, it’s because your cover letter is where you show that you’re truly interested in the position and the company. You can’t express your motivation for the role in your CV. That’s why we have cover letters.

Remember, even if the job ad has it under “optional,” it’s always a good idea to send it in.

Who should write a cover letter?

If you’ve heard that only a specific field or profession requires a cover letter, you’ve been misinformed. Any recruiter would like a quick note over a dry “Please find CV attached.” any day! So, it doesn’t matter what’s your profession. You could be a chef with 20+ years of experience or you can be a call center agent.

So, clearly, the answer is: everyone should write a cover letter.

What have we learned?

Basically, this article should’ve helped you tackle the most commonly asked questions regarding cover letters.

Remember, different people have different views. In this Blog, we talk about Linking Lines’ approach and what works for our clients. Surely, different job seekers, career coaches, recruiters, and hiring managers will tell you different things. Just like everything else in life, the concept of cover letters and the question is the cover letter mandatory is individualized.

Cover letters still matterThere might not be a written rule that says that cover letters are mandatory, but we’d definitely advise writing one in job applications.

Writing about yourself is not always easy. You need to stay objective while putting a bit of flavor into it… if you have issues getting started or are frustrated with your progress, check out our services or search the net for inspiration.

Lastly, we’ve written a step-by-step CV and cover letter writing guide that can help you with this. Check it out right here. If you follow the principles outlined in this book, you’ll get more replies to job applications.

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