Best Jobs of the Future

Wondering what are the best jobs of the future?

There could be different reasons as to why you’re interested in the best jobs of the future. Perhaps you’re trying to decide what to study. Or maybe you want to earn more or completely switch your life around. Regardless of your motivation, you’ve come to the right site to learn about the best jobs of the future.

Of course, this will change overtime, so it’s important to stay up to date with the job market needs and technological advancements.


Not quite. For some time now, we’ve seen certain positions and areas of the IT industry explode. For example, market research and data analysts are very sought-after, as well as content and social media specialists.

However, there are some indications that other branches of human interest will see growth. We’re talking veterinarians, content creators, and plant agriculturalists here. Why? Well, because that’s what this world needs. Let me explain.

With the pet industry exploding during the COVID-19 pandemic, veterinarians are booked solid. With people working from home more and more, they are getting pets, and those pets need medical attention. How certain/safe is this job long-term? Pretty safe; those animals aren’t going anywhere for 10+ years!

Content creators are in high demand because people spend a lot of time on social media. Again, thanks to the pandemic, avenues being closed, events canceled, etc. Therefore, to attract and keep the audience, companies are hiring more and more content creators.

With the world realizing we don’t need meat to survive, more and more animal farmers are switching to plant agriculture. Therefore, we need more of people who’ll meet the demand of raising plant-based eaters.

Of course, there are other occupations that are in high demand, like builders and healthcare workers – I just wanted to talk about the three random ones.


That is a fair question, what do we mean when we say best job of the future? It’s actually different criteria. Some jobs are best paid, but that’s just until people get educated to perform those duties. Supply and demand – you will be well paid until there’s competition. Others are pretty easy in terms of how much effort you need to put in to perform them. And then there are those that are, if you look at it from the longevity standpoint, very solid and won’t go out of style for a good while.

There are many sites out there that offer guidance when choosing your career and they cover the best jobs of the future, taking into account different criteria. Some sites rely on the World Economic Forum, while others are more local and investigate the number of students certain schools hope to enroll.

When it comes to Linking Lines, we follow the global trends, check out which job ads are popular, and see which positions our clients are most interested in.

There are several occupations deemed as the best jobs of the future!OK. HOW DO I GET ONE OF THE BEST JOBS OF THE FUTURE?

You know what we’re going to say: spruce up your CV! The way we search for jobs and apply to those is not going to change for a while. Sure, maybe in a few years we won’t be doing written CVs but CV videos or something, but for now, you need to work on your CV and cover letter.

How can you write a killer CV that will get you results?

You can get our step-by-step CV writing guide right here and learn how to do it like a pro! Follow these principles and transform your job search.

There’s also a bunch of free advice on this blog, and you can always submit your CV for a free review.

However, if you simply can’t dedicate the time needed to write a winning CV and cover letter, check out our services here.

Whatever you decide to do, remember: you can land an interview for one of the best jobs of the future if you want to! The future is in your hands, you just need to work hard towards it and make it happen.

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