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Why people quit their job in 2021?

Why people quit their job in 2021?

In the last article of the year, we’ll cover a very interesting topic of why people quit their job in 2021. This phenomenon is also known as the Great Resignation and it’s primarily fuelled by the fact people don’t want to get back into offices!


By all means, read the first paragraph again. We are not talking about harassment, nepotism, bad working conditions per se. Instead, the reason why people quit their job in 2021 is unquestionably related to working from home.


Work from home really led to people quitting their jobs in 2021?Why did so many people quit their job?

When Covid-19 hit, most office workers were sent home. Seeing that no company suffered from this shift, it is actually understandable that people want to stay working from home.

If you think this is a silly request, I’ll list just a few reasons why they are pushing for it.


Firstly, people turned their lives upside-down.

Some are now new parents, others are finally comfortable with home-schooling. Everyone has established a new dynamic with the family. Not to mention that some people moved to the countryside or another town.

Moreover, when working from home, one can take out the laundry or have lunch with their spouse. It’s the little things that make people happy. If you think this is not enough to want people to quit their job, think again!


Secondly, people are more productive.

In the office, there’s always distraction. Truth be told, it doesn’t have to be a conscious attempt to avoid work. It simply happens when you go to make tea or grab coffee.

On the contrary, when working from home there are no distractions in that sense. Meaning, you can do your work and be done with it. Providing you establish your routine and your household members respect it, of course!


There is absolutely no logical reason why people should return to office. The most compelling evidence is that everything is done on time. So, in other words, people are as productive as in offices, if not more!


Thirdly, the commute.

One of the main reasons why people quit their job in 2021 was precisely this – the commute!

On top of the fact that they don’t have to be in an office to do their jobs, there’s the commute. Why would anyone want to waste their time commuting if they can do the tasks from their homes?


Any other reason why people quit their job in 2021?

Certainly, I am not claiming that working from home is the sole reason for the Great Resignation. There are other things like digital burnout and impacts of lockdowns, as well as shift of priorities.

Indeed, some want to focus on self-growth while others want to leave the corporate world and become an entrepreneur. Evidently, there’s a whole variety of reasons why people quit their job in 2021, but this year, it goes beyond just compensation packages and workplace atmosphere.

People from all sectors quit their job in 2021Of course, there are people outside of the working from home gang who are considering quitting. Or who have quit their job in 2021. Perhaps we’re talking about healthcare workers or general operatives, sales assistants or construction workers. They too are beginning to see there are other options and they’d like to avail of them.


So, what is the Great Resignation?

Because a lot of people quit their job in 2021 and many more plan on doing so in the near future, we’re witnessing a real shift on a global level.


Without a doubt, this pandemic changed things forever. People realized what’s truly important to them and they expect the companies to cop on. Priorities changed, way of living changed, way of working has changed, too! Therefore, if employees are leading the way, the companies will have to follow if they want to retain talent.

People are asking for more flexibility and more individuality. We are a part of something major and we need to monitor the situation closely.


To truly understand the magnitude of what’s happening in the US, UK, Ireland, and many other countries, check out articles about it. If the World Economic Forum has written about it, then you know how real this is.


To clarify, this will not end when 2021 ends. In my opinion, those who quit their job in 2021 were in the first wave of the Great Resignation. We’re yet to see what 2022 brings.


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