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Working from home has been an adventure most of us faced in 2020!

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of people got to experience what’s it like working from home. While some have always dreamed about it, others were dreading it.

Let’s tick some boxes on what you should do to keep your sanity!

The beauty of an home office is that it can be anywhere and you can use anything.

1. Create a home office environment – you don’t have to have a big desk to be able to work from home. Sometimes, an ironing board can do. I personally would recommend using your dining table if you have nothing else. Also, get at least some sort of an office chair because you don’t want to mess up your spine!

Dressing up for work even though you don't leave the house is very important for your mental health.

2. Keep your morning routine – it’s easy to follow the “work from home fashion” but do try to keep your routine. Dress as if you’d go to your office and take good care of your hygiene and appearances. Remember: if you want to keep a healthy mind, you need to have a healthy body!

Be open about your needs while working from home - talk to your household members!

3. Talk to your household members – even though they should be familiar with the concept of “working from home”, make sure they really understand you need to do your hours, and not be at their disposal.

4. Take regular breaks – if you are not a smoker and you have no urge to get up at least once in 2 hours, set a timer and just stretch your legs! If possible, go for a 5-minute walk down the street or do stretching exercises for your shoulders, neck, and legs.

Music can boost your productivity.


5. Choose your music – it goes without saying one of the best things about working from home is complete freedom to listen to what you want and however loud you want (while wearing headphones, of course). Choose uplifting, happy, energetic music that will help you focus and get things done.

6. Plan your meals – it’s easy to get carried away and snack all the time. This happens because you’re in your home, you feel comfortable, and you have food available to you all the time. It’s important to stick to the schedule and try to mimic what you’d do in an office.

Not being to disconnect when you're working from home can turn into a real problem - respect your hours!

7. Respect your schedule – do not “come in” early and do not “stay late”. Just because you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean you should be glued to your computer. If your office job would normally start at 9 and finish at 5 with an hour’s lunch break – you need to do that while working from home as well!


Well, there you have it. This is my list of things you need to go over and make sure you follow it. Otherwise, you can get swallowed by working from home and your personal life will disappear completely if you don’t draw the line.

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