Should I be honest in my CV?

Honesty is very important when building a professional profile.

Very often, the question should I be honest in my CV pops in people’s minds. Why? Because it’s a well-known fact everyone embellishes their CVs… but is there room for honesty?

Clearly, people will write what they think the recruiter or the hiring manager wants to read. It is not that surprising, given it is in our human nature. However, is honesty a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to CV writing?

Why do we do it?

Well, it’s fairly simple: we want others to like us and we want to impress them. If we apply this to the world of job search and CV writing, we get to the question of whether should we be honest in our CVs. This can be a tough call sometimes. Most definitely, we like to show everyone that we can handle whatever needs to be handled.

So, for some people, the answer to Should I be honest in my CV is a simple one because they are led by their goal. And we all know that the end justifies means. If a white lie brings us closer to the dream job, why should we be honest?

Going overboardGoing overboard in your CV can backfire at an interview or when you start the job.

What does it really mean to go overboard when we talk about honesty in CV writing?

Well, it can mean different things. People can make up that they worked as a security guard in another country because they now want to get a job in that sector.

Or they can say they led many projects even though they led only one. They do this so their experience and skills seem more relevant to the job ad.

Or they can use super often phrases because everyone’s using them. To be more specific, many dare to identify themselves as “challenge lovers”. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, people will state in their CV or on their LinkedIn profile that they enjoy challenges.

There are also certain descriptions that go hand in hand with this phrase. Those are most commonly: extremely flexible, excellent ability to adapt and quickly react to new situations, thrives in dynamic and fast-paced environments. These are just some of the used phrases and they are overkill.

What do recruiters want to read?

Perhaps try asking yourself what do recruiters want to read before you answer the question: Should I be honest in my CV. It actually makes a huge difference! Check the job ad and research the job title. Then, show the reader what they want to see, and what they need to make a decision. Of course, do this while not exaggerating because sooner or later, truth will come out.

Professional CV writers’ point of view

We at Linking Lines really discourage dishonesty in CVs. The reason is fairly simple. We don’t want our clients to get caught at the job interview or when they start working. Also, we don’t want to be known as a professional service that doesn’t help guide their clients in answering the question of honesty. We firmly believe we can present any client in a positive light and we know that we don’t need dishonesty to do it.

If you would like to get an expert opinion on your CV, use this opportunity and submit it for a free analysis here. Alternatively, if you need help with CV writing, feel free to check out our packages and get in touch now.

However, if you’d like to give CV writing a go, you can now order our very own CV and cover letter writing guide here. Follow the principles outlined in this book and get replies to job applications.

Whatever you decide, ensure it’s an honest CV, and never give up!

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