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In the world of CV writing, you must have noticed that online CV makers are super popular. If you want to create or build your CV and look for advice on the internet, what you’ll get is a bunch of online CV makers, usually free.

Let’s look at the topic more closely and find out what’s it all about.

Why do online CV makers even exist?

Well, first, it has to do with human nature and our desire to conserve energy. Just like any other action in life, we’re looking for a shortcut. At first glance, online CV makers give us much-desired results with very little investment of our time and energy.

Secondly, people are confused about CV writing and they don’t know where to start. So when they do a quick Google search, they get enticing results like “With our online CV, it is simple for anyone to quickly create a professional CV” or “our online CV builder helps you make a professional CV fast and easy.” If you’re an absolute beginner in something, it’s only expected you’d get excited when you stumble upon statements like these.

Thirdly, it’s free. Why would you pay money to someone to write a one- or two-page document when you can do it yourself for free? This is a big reason why people postpone getting their CV done by a professional CV writer and someone who knows the job market. They fail to see the benefits of getting their CV written professionally and only see it as an expense without realizing it’s an investment. Instead of thinking about their professionally written CV as the golden ticket that can bring them a much-desired job, they only see it as an expense.

Lastly, it’s probable that they know someone who used an online CV maker and managed to land a job interview. Therefore, they feel certain it will work for them as well.

And while we’re not arguing this logic, we have to point out the fact that everyone’s situation is different. What is the profession in question? Some people can provide a few bullet points and get hired because there’s a high demand for their occupation. Like healthcare workers or software engineers. Did that person meet the requirements of the job ad? Did someone refer them to the company? Was it an urgent hire?

its hard to choose a candidate when their cvs are the same thanks to the online cv makersWhy shouldn’t I use online CV makers?

We’re huge fans of customization and personal approach to our clients. We’ve written about it many times and if you read reviews for our work, you’ll see that our CVs have a very high success rate.

Naturally, because we approach each client in a way that’s right for them, we wouldn’t recommend using online CV makers, and here are the top reasons:

No sense of uniqueness

Online CV makers are out there for everyone to see. The templates and job descriptions they offer can be used by everyone. This means that there’s a very high chance that two people who are competing for the same position will have very similar CVs, in terms of their job descriptions and possibly structure and form.

You deserve better than that – show why you are the perfect person for the job in your own way! You’re unique and you should show it in your CV as well.

You must rework it anyway

Even if you select suitable job descriptions, templates, structures, etc – you still need to rework the document. Why then bother if you have to think about reworking their “perfect” professional CV created by the online CV maker?

If you need to wreck your head with anything CV-related, are online CV makers really doing you a favor?

Data collection

Data collection is another concern of ours when it comes to online CV makers. Do you know who owns the platform? Do you know who has access to the data you uploaded? Or how long they’re going to keep your data, including contact details?

At Linking Lines, we don’t store anything – as soon as the project is done, everything is deleted from our system. Even our emails are deleted regularly so we can’t even back-trace it. And on top of that, you’re always dealing with a human being so you know who’s looking at your data in the first place. Can you say the same for online CV makers?

Stuck in CV writing?

If you’ve come this far and you feel like we have a point but are unsure what to do – don’t despair. We can help you by:

  • analyzing your existing CV for free – submit here
  • sharing free CV writing advice on our Blog
  • giving you an opportunity to learn how to write CVs like a pro through our step-by-step CV writing guide
  • writing a professional, customized CV and cover letter just for you – check our offers here

We want you to get ahead and look forward to you enhancing your career, whichever way you decide to do it. If you need professional support, get in touch – we’re here for you and can’t wait to help yu achieve your career goals.

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