How can a job interview prep session help me?

How can job interview prep session help me?

We know job interview prep is hard, but prep sessions can help you! Hours of research, rehearsal, and figuring out how you want to present yourself can be – tiresome.

But did you know that there are prep sessions that can help you? Yes, you’ve read it right. Someone can walk you through the whole thing.

To find out more about job interview prep sessions and how they can help you if you book one with Linking Lines, keep on reading!

What’s covered?

Firstly, it’s important to understand that each person is different. Therefore, we at Linking Lines tailor their job interview prep session to suit their needs!

What do I mean by that? Well, let’s put it this way: if you’re in your 3rd round of interviews, your job interview prep session will not be the same as if you were just having a chat with the recruiter. Similarly, if you just want to brush up on your skills but don’t have an interview lined up for a specific position – we’ll take care of that as well.

Usually, in our job interview prep session, we review the psychology of job interviews. We explain what’s the purpose of the interview and how you should phrase your answers (spoiler alert: it’s around the job ad!).

Then, depending on the person, we go over the most commonly asked questions and questions that trouble/interest you.

Of course, we also cover your CV and make sure you have a story ready for each section of it. And that’s precisely why we ask clients to submit their CVs when they book the job interview prep session – we want to customize it as much as possible!

Job interview prep session can help you!That’s all great, but how can your job interview prep session help me?

Well, we can help broaden your horizons and show you a different aspect of your experience and/or educational background. Sometimes it’s hard to get outside your own head and see things that others see. That’s precisely where we come in – we shun the light on those elements of your professional self! Be it your creative side or your problem-solving skills that you take as normal – we’re here to help.

Next, we will share tips on how to answer the most commonly asked questions and teach you about the importance of presentation. Naturally, this will correspond to the job ad. We will share examples that you can use at a job interview based on your CV. This means you will get a 100% personalized job interview prep session!

And lastly, we will answer any questions you have about job interviews! As we already know, different people have different interests and troubles. What’s an easy question for you might not be an easy one for your friend. In our job interview prep session, we cover the questions that interest you. There’s no one-size-fits-all here, our clients tell us what they need and we deliver.

How to book a job interview prep session?

Booking a session with a Certified Career Coach is easy: visit our Career Coaching Services page, select your coaching need, and put in your order. Don’t forget to attach your CV at the checkout page.

Then, we’ll be in touch and offer a few slots for you to choose from. Learn how to nail your next job interview today and transform your career.

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