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Are cover letters mandatory in job applications and should I write one?

What to write in a cover letter

Many job seekers wonder are cover letters mandatory in job applications and should they write one. Some are unsure what cover letters are in the first place, who needs them and who reads them. There’s also the question of are there extra points if you write one and should everyone always write them.

Different job seekers, career coaches, recruiters, and hiring managers will tell you different things. Just like everything else in life, the concept of cover letters and the question is the cover letter mandatory is individualized.

Here’s how we answer those questions that are on every job seeker’s mind:

  • First, to explain what a cover letter actually is. It resembles a motivational letter and it tells the reader why you’re applying for the job. Usually, your cover letter gives a quick overview of your experience and skills that match the candidate profile the company is looking for. That way, you show your motivation for the role and why they should consider you.
  • The next thing would be to tackle the question are cover letters mandatory. Now we know what is the purpose of cover letters (to express interest) so the conclusion would be that everyone needs a cover letter. That’s how you show you’re truly interested in the position/company. Even if the job ad has it under “optional,” it’s always a good idea to send it in.
  • Lastly, let’s look at the question should everyone write a cover letter. Clearly, the answer is yes, everyone should write cover letters. Cover letters offer an insight into your thought process and explain why you think you match the candidate profile. It also serves as a good introduction in the job interview because it’s more personal than a CV.

Cover letters still matterThere might not be a written rule that says that cover letters are mandatory, but we’d definitely advise writing one in job applications.

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