How to get hired?

how to get hired

When a job search is on, how to get hired is the only thing on your mind. Especially if you are unemployed and you want to minimize the employment gap. However, this is also true if you just want to switch jobs. It’s rarely easy to get hired so we bring you a few tips that will help you out!

Work on your CV

First thing first – if you want to get hired, you need to have a document that presents you to the potential employer. And that document is called a CV or a resume. In most countries, these two terms are used interchangeably, and both terms refer to a document that contains information from your professional life. The emphasis here is on professional life. Basically, this means you need to go over your work experience and educational background and present yourself in a way that you seem as the best person for the job.

Surely, you know that CVs need to be ATS optimized. What that means is, you need to include certain words and phrases in your CV that will “convince” the scanning software that you have what it takes to get hired. You can learn more about ATS here.

Don’t forget about the cover letter

Another very important thing that will help you get hired is having an awesome cover letter! Truth be told, this element of a job application is often overlooked by the jobseekers, but trust me, it is badly needed. Whether or not submitting a cover letter is optional, you should always write one. It shows that you’re interested and, furthermore, that you’re willing to spend time introducing yourself and convincing the reader you’re the perfect candidate. So, don’t skip the cover letter!

However, if you’re struggling with the concept of it and wondering how to write a high-quality cover letter that will get you hired, check out our Blog. Here’s an article about things to do & avoid in a cover letter, and another good one would be this article.

work on your professional profile to get hiredWriting a CV and cover letter is no joke, we know! That’s why we prepared this super simple writing guide for you to get ahead. Once you’re done reading, you’ll be able to produce professional-looking CVs and cover letters and boost your job search. Get your copy now and get hired in no time.

Adjust your LinkedIn profile

Although CV and cover letter are your first things to improve when job hunting, your LinkedIn profile is a very close second. What we mean by “adjust” is in reality just a reminder that your LinkedIn profile needs to contain the same information as your CV and cover letter. Surely, you don’t want to find yourself in an awkward position if those things don’t match – it’ll just spark unnecessary questions. Therefore, if you want to get hired, cover all your basis and make sure everything is spotless!

We’ve written before about the importance of LinkedIn in job search, so check out our Blog, for example, this article here.

Practice interview skills

Once you get to this phase, you’re closer to getting hired. That’s why interview skills are equally important in a job search. Therefore, you need to learn and practice how to present yourself properly. Mind your body language, research the company, and prepare answers to the most commonly asked questions. There’s plenty of advice and videos online about it so this one should be easy. However, do make sure you look around and do your diligence.

find your way and get hiredHire a professional to get hired

Career specialists, professional CV writers, coaches…those are the professionals that can actually help you to get hired. Be it their advice, guidance or writing services, if you are struggling – get their help. Just like you’d pay a professional to help you with your fitness goals, you can do that for your career goals, too!

For example, we at Linking Lines do a lot of coaching for job interviews, but people also need help when it comes to determining which way they want to go. Our most popular service is definitely CV and cover letter writing services and we also offer a free CV review. Simply submit your CV and we’ll do a personalized analysis and give you tips on what and how to change.

If you want to get hired, check what you can do on your own and get help if you’re stuck – that’s the only way.

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