How to bounce back if you were recently fired?

A lot of people lose their jobs almost daily.

Bouncing back from anything is never easy. However, to bounce back if you were recently fired can be especially tricky.

Why? Well, switching jobs is always scary, and it is a dreadful feeling to lose a job, right? Anyone who has gone through such an experience claims it is unpleasant and stressful. If you are going through such a situation at the moment, do not lose hope.

Here are some suggestions on how to bounce back if you were recently fired. With the latest update being in April 2023, I can confirm that many people lost their jobs unexpectedly, and that’s from big, strong companies like Meta or Google. So, in a way, this article is evergreen.

How to bounce back after being recently fired?

How to bounce back if you were recently fired? Take it easy.Firstly, accept the situation. It is understandable if you do not like the sound of that, but as soon as you accept it, everything becomes much easier.

The next step is to take a moment or two for yourself. Don’t expect too much too soon – to truly bounce back after being recently fired takes time! Try not to think about being fired, what caused it, what led to it, and what are the consequences. Just let it go, for a day or two if possible, and enjoy the activities you like. Talk to family and friends about any topic except your work. Shift your focus during these days on the things you have right now!

After that period, when things are more clear, you will most probably have a new perspective on what happened. And then, you will be able to bounce back! You might not be super ready to get on with it, but at least you will be able to think clearly about the topic. Remember, there’s no easy way to find out how to bounce back if you were recently fired. You need to give yourself time.

Now, the next step is to understand that nothing is lost. Sure, not having a job is a setback and it is unpleasant. But who knows what the future brings? What if, once you bounce back after being recently fired, you get a better job? Imagine having a job that is twice as fun, better paid, closer to your home, with better co-workers, and better work conditions. Would you accept that job and leave the current/past one? Probably yes, so believe that such job will come to you.

Remember to stay positive

Another thing that can help you immensely to bounce back after being were recently fired is your attitude!

Staying positive and having a positive mindset about the situation is crucial. Remember, someone out there is looking for a person like you! Someone with your qualities, experiences, personality, background…

And here’s one last tip for all of you. It is quite simple and it can help you to bounce back after being recently fired – visualization. It is so easy and effective. Imagine your desired work position, see yourself doing that job, and observe the feeling while doing it. Limitations do not exist in visualization, so go for it!

To be able to bounce back, you need to come up with a solid plan!Get ready for new beginnings!

After all of this, you know what is next – applying for new jobs. It can be frightening to think about it but do not worry. If you feel like you need help or an extra boost, career coaches can help you. If you feel ready, go for it! You have no idea how wonderful opportunities might come your way. Just be open to it, believe it, and do not give up. Even if you hear no several times, YES will come, and it will be bigger than all those “no’s” combined. Stay positive, better days are ahead!

Don’t forget to update your CV – there’s plenty of advice on our blog, but you can also learn how to write them like a pro, thanks to this short guide. With it, you’re bound to get more replies to job applications. Give it a go and change your job search for the better.

Professional career servicesCareer specialists and CV writers can help you land your dream job!

Some people turn to career specialists right after they lose their jobs. They feel they can’t cope with writing a CV and a cover letter for the next chapter in their professional lives. Or they simply can’t think of anything appealing to write on their LinkedIn profile. That is completely fine! That’s why professional career services exist, to help you. For example, Linking Lines has helped countless clients to bounce back after they lost their jobs! We also helped a bunch of people get ahead and switch careers. Anything is possible if you want to believe it.

So, whatever the next step in your professional life is, be aware that you are not alone. There is help available and you should utilize it.

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