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How to achieve work-life balance?

We’ve all heard the expression “work-life balance”. But, is there really such a thing? We are living faster than ever, we are more accessible than ever, and (maybe even as a consequence), we have more issues than ever. And, yet, this is undeniably the best era to be alive! We often get asked how to balance work and life. Hopefully, this article will help you out or at least give you some ideas about the phrase.

What is “work-life balance”?Is there such a thing as work-life balance?

First of all, what is work and life balance? Is there even such a thing? What is “balance” to you? My balance doesn’t have to be the same as your balance. I could work 14 hours a day, sleep 6, and spend the rest with my family. And I can be 100% sure that I am balancing my work and personal life perfectly.

On the other hand, you could work 8 hours a day, sleep 8, spend 2 hours with friends, and the rest with your family. And you could feel like you still have to figure out how to balance your work life and personal life.

Perception is KEY

Do you see what I mean? Different people will have a different understanding of the phrase “work-life balance.”

Without a doubt, it is all about perception, self-awareness, and inner desires. No one can tell you what is the right way of balancing things for you. Each individual is responsible for themself.

If you are 100% OK with yourself, you will find it easy to balance work and life. You should talk to your spouse and family members and be very clear on your needs, desires, and goals. If you feel the urge to work long hours, share it with those who are close to you. See if they are okay with it. Compensate over the weekend when you will not work at all. If they love you and respect you, if they understand who you are at your very core, they will be supportive. And then, you will not have any issues and you will be in perfect balance.

Peeping TomsOthers are always curious to see how you balance your work and personal life.

People around you like your neighbors, for example, are another story. But, who cares about others? If you and your family are happy with the arrangement, don’t let anyone impose their opinion on you. Do not let them trick you into doubting yourself – you already know how to balance work and life, and it is working beautifully for you and your personal life.

Nevertheless, if you only work the usual 7-8 hours a day and you think you should balance work and life, it’s time you looked in the mirror. Clearly, you are not happy with the job and this needs to be addressed, without a doubt.

In cases when you are going through something, you should talk to your manager, direct supervisor, and/or colleagues. If you need more family time or personal time, be vocal about it. No one should force you to work if you have other things on your mind that are potentially life-altering.

Remember – what works for you is the only thing that matters.

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