5 most commonly asked job interview questions

How to answer most commonly asked job interview questions?

The most common questions asked in a job interview – what torture those are!

Despite the fact all interviewers would like to be unique, the truth is, there are most commonly asked job interview questions. In this article, we’ll start with the 5 most commonly asked job interview questions.

We’ll look at those that are very likely to come up regardless of your profession and career level. These are a bit generic so it’s only natural they’ll be in almost every interview. But, not only will we list the questions, but we’ll tell you what is it that the interviewer wants to hear. So, let’s dive straight into it!

Countdown: the 5 most commonly asked job interview questionsAll candidates get the same most commonly asked job interview questions!

#1 Tell me about yourself.

The first and most frequently asked job interview question is probably to introduce yourself. This question can come in many different variants, but the point of it is to get to know the person behind the CV. It can be phrased like Tell me about your experience, What is your background, Can you please introduce yourself or Tell me about yourself.

What does the interviewer want to hear?

Given this is the first question, they want you to relax and just start talking. This question is also known as the ice-breaker. They want to see if what you say matches what you wrote in your CV. Therefore, make sure you know exactly what you wrote in your CV! In your answer, you can mix things from your professional and personal life. However, we advise to stick more to the professional side. After all, that is what they’re most interested in.


#2 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This one is also among the most commonly asked job interview questions. Same as the previous one, it can be phrased differently, but the point is the same. The interviewer wants to see if you have solid career and life plans, and it kind of builds on the first question. It doesn’t have to be 5 years they ask you about, it can be a year or 3 years.

What does the interviewer want to hear?Where do you see yourself is one of the top interview questions

Basically, they want to see if you come off as a responsible and reliable individual. It would be good to either talk about skills development, acquiring new certificates or specific career goals. They are not looking for a clear answer because no one really knows what life will bring us.

However, they want to see how you think and where you want to go. We’d suggest saying something that’s connected with the role you’re interviewing for, without making it too obvious.

For example, if you don’t meet all the “desirable requirements”, you can say that you see yourself mastering those. Whatever you say, make sure it comes back to the job ad.


#3 Tell me about a challenge you faced and how you overcame it.Interviewer wants to know how you deal with challenges

One of the most dreaded and yet most commonly asked job interview questions is definitely this one. Here, the interviewer wants to see your body language and analyze your tone when you talk about a stressful situation. It indicates how you handle pressure and it tells them how creative and resilient you are.

What does the interviewer want to hear?

A real-life example of a problematic situation and how you used your skills, knowledge, and experience to handle it. When answering this one, try to connect it to the job you’re applying for now. For example, if they are looking for a creative person, make sure to tell a story where you came up with a creative solution for a specific problem. Likewise, if they need someone analytical and organized, you can use an example of when your analytical/organizational skills saved the day. Possibilities are endless – just stick to the job ad.

#4 What are your salary expectations?

Another tough one, and one that’s inevitable. The only scenario where you won’t be asked about this is if the salary is stated in the job ad and it’s non-negotiable. And this happens rarely, which is why this is also one of the most commonly asked job interview questions.

You'll have to answer the salary questionThe point of this question is rather straightforward – they want to see how much you’d cost them.

What does the interviewer want to hear?

They want to hear an amount or at least a range. To prepare for this, make sure you research the range for the particular position in your location. There’s always something available. Try Glassdoor! Check other similar job ads to see if there’s a number anywhere.


#5 Do you have any questions for us?Asking questions is also important at job interviews

And last but not least, one of the most commonly asked job interview questions is surely this one.

Usually, they ask it out of politeness, but the point is to open the dialogue. It is absolutely necessary to make sure the other person feels comfortable asking questions, not just answering them. That is why this is also one of the most common questions asked in a job interview.

What does the interviewer want to hear?

Well, they want to hear that you’re interested in the role so it would be beneficial if you asked a question. When choosing what to ask, you can focus on developmental opportunities, or you can ask a more specific question.

For example, quote the job ad and then ask them to elaborate or simply check if you understood it correctly. It shows that you prepared for the interview and maybe you can find out something interesting about the role.

What to do after the interview?

What happens after you actually survive the interview and answer the most commonly asked job interview questions? Well, now you wait for them to get back to you!

You can also send them a follow-up email. In it, thank them for their time, express interest, and tell them you’re available for a follow-up chat if needed. If you feel like you need extra support, check out our coaching sessions website.

What if I’m not getting interviews?

It’s possible that, despite knowing the most common questions asked in a job interview, you’re not succeeding. If that’s your situation, we’d recommend booking a counselling session.

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