Why am I not getting replies to job applications?

Getting no replies to job applications can be a tough hit.

Applying left and right with no replies to job applications? Well, this article’s for you, then. The problem of getting no reply to job applications is something that troubles many.

Firstly, let us share a little secret. Everyone who submitted a job application (ever!) knows this pain. We have all been there at some point in our lives and we know what’s it like not to get a reply.

So, if you want to learn how to avoid huge disappointment and fix a few very common errors, you’ve come to the right place! After you’re done reading, it’s time to turn around the no reply to job applications scenario.


Organizing your CV is the first step in CV writing.

Improvement #1: Organize your CV

If there are no replies to job applications you send in, first you need to look at your CV.

You should’ve polished your CV and started applying for jobs. If you’ve done that – amazing and well done to you! If you haven’t used a professional CV writer, huge congratulations are in order. Writing a CV is not an easy thing to do.

Whoever tried it, knows what we are talking about. A lot of time and effort goes into putting together a high-quality CV that will bring results.

Once you prepared your CV and everything looks good to go, you’re super proud! You feel comfortable with it and you’re sure you ticked all the boxes. Everything is done and you feel ready! You’re confident your CV will bring you results so you start browsing and applying for jobs.

If your CV is organized properly, but you’re still getting no reply to job applications, keep on reading.



Improvement #2: Review
Time to do a reality check if you're not getting any replies to your job applications.

You’re over the moon with the fact you completed the most challenging task in your job search. Everything is ready on time. Once your CV is ready, you start applying for jobs. Of course, you keep accurate records of job postings that were interesting enough for you to apply. You do not want to be caught off guard, so you are doing things right.

But…something is off. It’s been 3 months, and you received 0 interview invitations. It’s time to face the music – your CV is not as good as you thought it is!

That is why there are no replies to job applications.

Honestly, sometimes it’s hard to know what went wrong, but here are some of the main things that can happen:

  • poorly structured cover letter (so the person doesn’t even open your CV)
  • not enough emphasis on your relevant skills for the job
  • you didn’t present your educational background adequately
  • CV is not reader-friendly (it is difficult to follow/read)
  • you didn’t have actual relevant work experience for the job
  • the email address in your CV is not the one you’re using (YES, this actually happens – people provide incorrect email addresses!)
  • you’ve missed the deadline for the application


Professional CV writers can help you get the job you want!

Improvement #3: Ask for help

If you double-checked all the above-mentioned points and you still get 0 replies – turn to professionals.

Right on this site, you can check out other blog posts or you can submit your CV for a free review here.

Next, you can get our step-by-step CV writing guide, follow the principles outlined in it, and see how it changes your job search experience!

However, if you’d like to leave the whole thing up to a professional CV writing service – we’ve got you there as well. Just check out our CV Writing Services.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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