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Do people who hire CV writers have better results in job search?

Career specialists and CV writers can help you land your dream job!

We can’t speak for everyone, but we can definitely say YES if it’s Linking Lines they hired!

Our professional CV writers have helped clients from around the world find suitable jobs. We can most certainly help everyone who needs a CV in English language.

How is this possible?

Clients' results is our main priority.

Well, here’s how:

  • we treat each client as an indivdiual
  • all our CVs and cover letters are 100% tailor-made to fit the client’s needs
  • we do not use templates
  • our CV writers do a thorough research of the desired position
  • we get acquainted with the demands of the specific labor market (regardless the country)
  • our CVs are optimized so they bring desired results
  • we are not focused on a specific field – we collaborate with all profiles

Thanks to all of the above, our clients have better results in job search. Not only do they get noticed, but they get positive feedback on their CVs.

We do our best to boost people’s job search, we know how to do it, and we do it well. The client’s success is our success and we care deeply about a job well done!

Because of that approach, our clients end up in big companies, cool start-ups, and established businesses.

Where do our clients go?

Firstly, this depends on their profile and desires. Everyone is different which means that everyone sees something else as impressive.

Well, what we can tell you with certainty is this:

  • Tech giants: Facebook, Apple, Google, Dell, Amazon, PayPal, e-Bay, McAfee, FireEyes, CoinBase
  • Retail champions: Aldi, Lidl, Spar
  • Leaders in hospitality: McGettigans, Clayton Hotels, Radisson Blu, White’s Hotels, Hilton
  • Telecommunication titans: Vodafone, Three, eir, Deutsche Telekom
  • Outsourcing masters: TaskUs, Accenture, Telus, Adecco
  • Localization specialists: Lionbridge, Welocalize, LocalEyes, GlobeTech, Moravia
  • Globally known restaurant chains: McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King
  • Pharma leaders: Pfizer, Stryker, Boston Scientific, GSK

Certainly, it is clear these are just some of the companies. We really do have a wide range of areas and positions we cover and it would be impossible to include every single one of them here.


Who needs a CV writing service?

Surely, you must know by know that CV writing services and career coaching are not reserved for a certain type of people. These services are not just for those who want to get into the tech industry or be the next big thing.

Also, these services are not for recent graduates who feel a bit unsteady.

We provide services for busy people who need results! Linking Lines offers affordable, accessible, and effective career services.

We don’t question your motivation for reaching out, we don’t cast judgments on your choices, we simply listen and help you to achieve your goal!

It might be a small company you want to get in. Perhaps a start-up. Or maybe you’re looking to get an entry-level position at Google. Or you want to help out a local business. Whatever you decide, we are sure we can help you get there!

Allow us to be a part of your success story and give us the privilege of being a part of yours.

For more topics on job search and professional development, check out our Blog. If you already know we’re what you need, check out our career services page and get in touch.

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