I get a lot of questions about career coaching. People wonder why it exists and how come there are loads of “coaches” out there.

To keep it short, it’s because there’s a lot of opportunities and possible career choices, the world is rapidly changing, and we all get consumed by anxiety because of it.

To explain what I mean, if you talk to your parents or older relatives, they will tell you choosing a career wasn’t something they were super concerned with. Certain occupations were needed in their place of residence or country and that was it. I am not saying they didn’t have choices; I’m just saying they didn’t have as many options as we do in today’s world!

For this reason, people need guidance. Often, we can’t be objective when it comes to ourselves and we need other people’s input. This is the case when we ask for our friend’s opinion on our clothes or our spouse’s advice on a work situation.

If you think about it, we do exactly the same when we visit a psychotherapist or hire a fitness trainer.

We pay for their expertise. In return, they guide us and help us achieve our goals, whether it’s overcoming a behavioral issue or losing weight.

In the same way, career coaches help people focus their efforts in choosing a career they love. A good career coach will help you focus. They will do the same thing for your career what a fitness trainer will do for your physique.

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How do you know if you need a career coach? Well, if you are unsure about your next steps or feel stuck where you are, I would recommend you invest in one. It is nothing to be ashamed of – we need help in different areas of our lives.

If professional development is something you need help with, why not reach out to someone who can help? Alternatively, try reading some of our blog posts to get ideas about it. 🙂

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