Top skills for social workers to add to your CV

Top skills for social workers to add to your CV

Some professions never go out of style, and social worker is definitely one of them. We badly need social workers and if you are one or recently become one, you’re probably wondering what are the top skills for social workers that you should add to your CV!

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You could be a social worker looking to make your CV stand out. Or maybe you want to make a career change and get into social work. Whatever the case may be, we’ll go over the top skills for social workers to add to your CV.

1. Active listening

Naturally, the first place goes to the pillar of social work – listening! But not just any kind of listening, you need to know how to listen and what questions to ask (as well as when). If you’re unsure of what active listening is, take a pause, find out, and then see if social work is for you.

2. Critical thinking

Second place goes to critical thinking! In social work, you’ll often be faced with complex situations so it’s important you are analytical, logical, and able to think critically.

3. Problem-solving

Hand in hand with critical thinking is problem-solving! Again, if you want to make a change and be an efficient social worker, one of the top skills for social workers to add to their CV is definitely problem-solving.

4. Cultural competency

It might seem obvious, but being culturally sensitive and having an open mind is very important for a social worker. Hence, if you just moved to a new area, make sure to learn about the culture before you jump into social work!

5. Relationship building

Social workers have to know how to gain people’s trust and build relationships. So, relationship building has to be one of the top skills for social workers to add to their CV.

Social worker skills

Is that all?

Of course not; skills required for social work vary. This depends on the role itself, country, even county, and community! However, having these skills will help you be successful in any social work-related role. Therefore, make sure the skills we outlined make their way to your CV!

For additional support on CV writing, visit our Blog page here. Similarly, you can leverage our step-by-step CV writing guide in your endeavor! Follow the principles outlined in it and get that social worker position sooner rather than later.

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