Why is organizing your workspace important

Maintaining the cleanliness of your space is important.

Organizing your workspace is very important, regardless of your location. You could be working from home or in an office – it does not matter. One thing you have to keep in mind though is that workspace organization is oftentimes half the work!

Believe it or not, it’s true. When things are organized, we’re more productive! And we want to do more.

To explain why is organizing your workspace important, let’s use something we can all relate to. You know how when your wife or husband goes away and you have the house all to yourself?

And how it often become messy because you fall into this weird state? It’s something between laziness and the fact there’s no one else around so you don’t bother. And then, because everything is the way it is, you end up watching Netflix the entire time and not being productive at all?

Even though you had wonderful plans and you promised yourself you’d clean the house, cook nice meals, go to the gym, do whatever is needed around the house, etc.… you just didn’t feel like it.

Why? Well, in 99% of the cases, it’s because you didn’t organize yourself, you didn’t have a proper plan laid out. And that can really mess up your vibe!

Organize your workspace

Now, let’s move back to organizing the workspace. Pretty much the same thing happens when the workspace is not organized – your vibe gets messed up.

If you keep leaving mugs, candy wrappers, food containers, and other unnecessary things at your desk at work, it will put you in the “I don’t feel like it” mood. Workspace organization is more important than you think, and even if you don’t see it straight away, it does influence your mood and productivity levels.

You should also dust it regularly and make sure your surface is not sticky!

When you think about it, it makes complete sense. However, organizing workspace is often overlooked.

Because we spend approximately 8 hours at our jobs, it really matters how we feel while we are there.

If we keep our desks clean by removing rubbish and putting away whatever we are not using at the moment, we will be more productive and more motivated to come back to work the following day! We will also be able to react quickly and navigate through tasks more easily..

Workspace organization boosts productivity so remember to keep organizing your workspace.

It’s not just an office thing

When we talk about organizing workspace, one thing has to be clear: it is not only applicable to an office environment or to those who are now working from home.

It is the same in any other work environment and your home. In places where they prepare food, they use the principle “Clean As You Go”. That way, they ensure workstations remain clean and organized. This is something that we should all use in our everyday life.

You can (and should) organize everything, not just your workspace. For instance, this is also applicable to your mobile phones and computers. Be honest, how likely is it that you will use a computer that has a desktop looking like something threw up on it?

If you sort everything out, and use folders and subfolders, you will organize all your files and it will be easier to get around.

Remember, organization is key. Be it organizing your workspace, your devices, or your home. This has been repeated so many times by people from different sectors that it is surprising we still have to say it.

But, repetition is the mother of learning so, hopefully, we will all remember to keep things in order. Surely, that will help us be our most productive selves!

Let us know how you’re getting on with organizing your workspace and how workspace organization has impacted your performance.

What about organizing other aspects of my life?

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