How to write a great LinkedIn summary?

What is LinkedIn and how can I use it to my advantage?

LinkedIn is the place to be if you’re looking for a job, and learning how to write a great LinkedIn summary can help you immensely!

However, creating or optimizing a LinkedIn profile can be daunting, especially if you are not sure where to start or what to write. Well, you have to start somewhere! That is why today, we’re going to look into how to write a great LinkedIn summary for your profile.

We’ve written about LinkedIn quite a lot, but the attention this network got due to the COVID-19 situation is almost surreal. With people working from home and many (unfortunately) losing their jobs, the activity of users on LinkedIn has increased. And if you’re not on LinkedIn already, you better join now.

If you’ve read our Blog posts, you know LinkedIn is quite different than CVs. Writing a great LinkedIn summary is crucial to ensuring a person reads your profile. Similarly to a cover letter, a LinkedIn summary offers insight into your personality and professional life.

What rules should you follow when writing a LinkedIn summary?

Because LinkedIn is not as strict as a CV, you can go ahead and use personal pronouns and write paragraphs. Yes, LinkedIn is used by professionals, but it is also a social network so different rules apply. You can be a bit relaxed here and it is not considered a big no-no if you let your personality show.

However, be mindful of the length and difficulty of the text – long and complex blocks of text should still be avoided.

A great LinkedIn summary will show your enthusiasm for the field you are interested in while at the same time offering a quick overview of your career. Depending on your background and personal situation, you can talk about your skills here, too.

In practice, this means that you can state exactly what you like about your profession and what you are looking to do next.

There are no strict rules except this one: make it straightforward and intriguing. You want the person visiting your profile to connect with you so make sure you market yourself properly.

Avoid using vague phrases or words, overused terms, and adjectives that do not apply to you. After all, you need to provide a summary of yourself, so, make sure you recognize the person you described.

What to write in a LinkedIn summary can be a tricky question!What to do if you’re stuck?

Remember, you can always check other people’s profiles. And then use them as an inspiration to write your very own great LinkedIn summary. However, keep in mind that you can’t copy-paste other people’s words. This is bad practice and unprofessional, and the LinkedIn algorithm won’t like it.

In the end, if you get stuck even after doing your part and you just don’t know how to write a great LinkedIn summary, you can always reach out to Linking Lines and we’ll optimize or create a LinkedIn profile for you.

Unleash your full potential and use all the tools available to advance your career! Today, it’s easier than ever to move forward at full speed.


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