How to survive the commute?

How to survive the commute?

With most people back in the office, it is no secret we’re wondering how on earth we’re going to survive the commute. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we didn’t really think about it. The commute was considered normal, something that just had to be done.

However, the pandemic has forced many companies to adopt and adapt to the remote work model. As time went by, we realized that working from home was not a curse but a blessing.

We’ve grown to love it and we often emphasize it’s benefits.

So, if you fall into this group of people who dread returning to the office, keep on reading! Because I’m sharing some of my ideas on how to survive the commute.


Adapting to working from home

It comes as no surprise that many struggled when they started working from home. It’s just different. You don’t have your colleagues around you, and you don’t have to worry about your manager hurrying you up. Well, at least not in real life. Most definitely, they still have done so over company chats and emails.

No commute was one great perk for WFH!But let’s get back to the struggle. Yeah, it wasn’t easy. We had to figure out how to live and work in the same space. We also had to learn how to disengage from work after hours. Before, we had that dreadful yet sweet commute. During the commute, we had a chance to think about the work day and put it behind us by the time we got home. That meant spending quality time with family, friends, pets, roommates – you name it!


With the commute out of the equation, we had to come up with a way how to go from “work” to “free time” in a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, there’s no switch you can flip or a button you can press to disengage from work. So, every single person working at home had to come up with their own way of doing it. And, judging by how much we all love working from home, I’m pretty sure we were all successful at it.


Hitting the road again

Commute doesn't have to be so bad!Now, in August 2021, we’re faced with a return to the office. And the commute. The sweet torture of modern-day life. But there are some positives here; not everything is so gloomy. Return to the office is still growing strong in November 2022, at the time this article was updated last. Some companies are still in the pilot phase, trying to navigate the whole thing. Others have already decided on the model they want to go with.

But let’s get back to surviving the commute and talking about it!

As previously stated, the commute gives you an opportunity to “wash off” work. There you have one very important and beneficial advantage of it.

When it comes to surviving the commute,  I have a few suggestions, depending on whether you’re driving or using public transport.

#1 Survive the commute by talking to friends & family

You can use your commute time to call your friends or family and check in on them. The good thing is that you can do so when driving (hands-free calls, of course!) or when using public transport.

#2 Survive the commute by listening to a podcast

If you want to make the most of your commute, I’d suggest finding an educational or inspirational podcast. It can do wonders for your professional and personal life! Same as the above, you can do it while driving or sitting in a bus/train.

#3 Survive the commute by engaging in a course

There are many online courses available and most of them can be done on your smartphone! True, you can only avail of this cool tip if you’re not driving, but still, it’s a pretty good way to get through the commute.

#4 Survive the commute by reading/listening to a(n) (audio)book

This one’s definitely a classic – reading a book on your commute. You can also listen to an audiobook, depending on your situation.

#5 Survive the commute by playing video games

You can always play video games if you’re using public transport for your commute. I guarantee you; the time will fly by!

#6 Survive the commute by practicing breathing & self-awareness

If you want to improve your breathing, is there a better time to do it? Of course, there isn’t. You can be driving or sitting in a bus/on a train, you can focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths and bring your awareness to your breath. It might be annoying at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy it very much.

#7 Survive the commute by rewinding your day

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the commute is great for going over your day in your mind. You can literally rewind it, see what happened, and leave it behind you. The worst thing you can do is to bring your work home!


Well, that’s it for now. I’ll keep updating this article as I think of more tips on how to survive the commute. Feel free to share your tips & tricks and let us know how you deal with it!

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