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Why do recruiters ask about my hobbies?

Hobbies can tell you a lot about a person.

Quite often, we are faced with a question of hobbies. More specifically, people would like to know why do recruiters ask about their hobbies at a job interview. After all, it is supposed to be about work, skills, experiences…and we hear this question time and time again.

Hobbies tell you a lot about a person

Even though it does not seem that way, when you find out about a person’s hobby, it actually tells you a lot about them. By asking that one simple question, the recruiter learns about who we are as people, what are our inclinations, do we fit into the company culture, what are our interests, and how do we interact with others. That is precisely why recruiters ask you about these things at some stage of the interview process.

What to say?During a job interview, mention a hobby that's aligned with the job requirements.

Well, there really is no right or wrong answer to this question. But, just so you know, they will analyze your response afterward. It is highly possible that they will compare your hobbies to the requirements for the role.

Do not take this as something negative. On the contrary, it is very positive! This means that you can adjust your answer so it’s aligned with the role, at least to some degree.

Chances are, you actually do have hobbies that somewhat correspond to the job position you are interviewing for.

For example, if you are applying for a position of copywriter and in your free time you shoot videos, write poems, and take photographs – mention those! Why is this good to mention? Because it shows you are creative and in touch with your emotions.

If are into bungee-jumping or cross racing, it doesn’t really matter if you mention those because it is not related to the position you’re applying for. These activities tell people you like excitement and challenges. Even though those are positive things, it’s not something we’d associate with a copywriter. However, mentioning those in an interview wouldn’t hurt.

Preparation is everything

Knowing what to mention and what to skip comes with experience and research. You do need to learn about the company and while doing so, you will develop a pretty good sense about what they’re like. Due to that, you will not be mentioning hobbies that can’t help you in landing the job. Whatever you find, use it to formulate a reply to the hobbies and interests question.

So, next time a recruiter asks you about your hobbies, remember this article and you will be just fine!

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