Enrolling an online course to improve job search

improve job search

Online courses have never been more available and affordable than today. Even more so since the pandemic hit in early 2020. And online education keeps booming, even now, in April 2022 when this article was updated. We’ve done another update in August 2023 and can confirm that online courses are a bigger hit than ever.

Enrolling in an online course can be highly beneficial to improve job search. Additionally, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own house, your room, or bed, and you can enjoy your favorite drink at the same time.

Recruiters like to see certificates on candidates’ resumes. Not only that it means you have some additional skills, but also shows your eagerness for learning and continual improvement. Here are some suggestions if you still haven’t decided what course to enroll. That being said, do your research and see what else is out there in order to find the best fit for you!


There is no doubt about it. In this digital day and age, programming is slowly becoming a must. If you are not afraid of seeing too many zeros and ones, try it. Possibilities are limitless and it only takes a good amount of imagination and precision. This would be perfect for you if you like logical thinking and you are completely fine with sitting all day long.


We’re staying in the digital domain. Nowadays, many people are somewhat familiar with web pages and their creation process. Personal brands are promoted online all the time. By creating your own web page, you can reach more people and share your products or services easily. Be aware that there is a big difference between someone who knows how to navigate colorful themes and platforms for non-technical people and a web developer!


There is a huge demand for people who can read and interpret data. Conducting analysis and getting familiar with some statistics software will make you a desirable candidate for any company. Don’t be afraid of numbers and graphs; once you fully understand them, you will find them enjoyable.


If you are creative and have an eye for detail, this is the one for you. Graphic design and content editing certificates are highly desirable today. It is fun and challenging at the same time. Plus, you can be original and let the imagination do the work.


As it may seem like you mastered communication in your childhood when you learned how to speak and write, it is far from the truth. Communication is much more than that, and it is a soft skill that is required almost everywhere. Be sure to explore the depths of communication before going on an interview. There are plenty of courses on the art of communication available online so make sure to check them out!

DON’T BE SHYOptions for online courses are almost limitless.

These are only a few categories you can choose from. In conclusion, no matter which courses and fields you take, you are getting valuable experience and skills which can help you improve your job search. Professional development will set you apart from the rest of the competition. Use that opportunity and skyrocket your chances of getting that job! Don’t be shy – try out different things.

If you are not sure where to start and you need help from a career specialist, get in touch now and book a coaching session.

If you’re already set on the course, and you’d like to add it to your CV, you can follow our advice shared on our Blog page. You can also get our step-by-step CV writing guide in which we share real-life examples of CV elements that helped people’s careers. Simply follow the steps outlined here and transform your job search.

Alternatively, you can simply ask us to do it for you.

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