Do I have to stay in a role for a year?

do i have to stay in a role for a year

Think about the last time someone told you that you have to stay in a role for a year. When was that? Who was the person talking? Chances are, it was quite recently and the person talking was probably over 40.

They didn’t mean anything bad by it – they were simply projecting what they learned in their careers.

It’s true – before, it was normal to stay in a role for a year before moving on to the next one. In fact, some big companies still practice this. It is kind of expected. Not sure why they settled for one year because if it’s a demanding role, one year is nothing. And if it is not a demanding role, one year can be too much.

Be it as it may, we now live in a different world. Everything is moving faster, and there are more options. Should we be punished for it or should our level of self-awareness be celebrated?


When is it a good idea to stay in a role for a year?

When we’re talking corporate ecosystem, it might be a good idea to stay in a role for a year. But that’s only if you want to keep working there.

Staying that long shows dedication, resilience, and interest. You can more easily move up the ladder or laterally, to different roles.

Being in a role for a year allows you to meet people, and get acquainted with workflows and processes, and in that time people will get a sense of you. So, staying in a role for a year is not a bad thing. It actually depends on your situation and how badly you want to switch jobs.


When should you not stay in a role for a year?

If you are feeling unappreciated, if your colleagues are causing you issues, and if your manager is unapproachable – do not stay in a role. You can always find another job, but you need to maintain your dignity, confidence, and mental health.

Should I look for a job or stay in the role?So…do I have to stay in a role for a year?

No, you don’t have to stay for a year – unless you really want to. Yes, it looks nice on your CV but there are ways to approach this if the environment wasn’t healthy or if you realized the role was not for you.

Therefore, if your only concern is how it will look in your CV – worry no more! Simply ditch the months so you only have a year’s range. That way, you’re making it look better and you’re taking away any possibility of it looking like you switch jobs frequently.

If you feel ready to look for another job, a good starting point is checking our other blog posts. There, you’ll find tons of useful information on CV writing and job search in general. You can also order your very own professional CV writing guide here. Apply the principles outlined in it and change your job search forever.

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