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Create a LinkedIn profile that people notice

linkedin profile that people notice

Considering how important LinkedIn has become in job search, we will look at how you can create a LinkedIn profile that people notice.

First thing’s first: if you want to be taken seriously on LinkedIn, you need to fill out your profile. The more stuff you add, the better!

When creating a LinkedIn profile, you have the “Add to profile” button. When you click it, you see 3 types of information you can add: core, recommended, and additional.

While it’s great to have loads of information on your LinkedIn profile, don’t worry if you can’t provide everything that’s listed in the “Recommended” and “Additional” sections. This will depend on your personal situation and background.

What we want you to focus on is the Core things that you need to have on your LinkedIn profile. These are enough to create a LinkedIn profile that people notice, and we mean it in a good way!

So, let’s go over those core things you need to have on your profile.

Profile Photo

It goes without saying that you should have a profile photo if you want that people react to your profile. Why? Because we all like to know who we’re talking to, and considering the world is full of fraudsters, when a LinkedIn profile comes with a photo, we feel more at ease.

Pro tip: Make it look professional! It doesn’t have to exactly be like your passport photo, but keep it on the professional side. Meaning, no partners, pets, kids or tiny little you surrounded by trees or something like that.


If you want to create a LinkedIn profile that people notice, writing a short summary about yourself or the “About” section is crucial. Here, you can be witty, share something you’re proud of, or you can keep it more professional and have it read more like a cover letter. The choice is yours!

What is important is that you remember that LinkedIn is a social platform so you don’t have to be super professional and steer clear from personal pronouns or providing your personal opinions.

You can write up to 2,600 characters in your “About” section. Whatever you decide to share, we’d recommend you include things that are super relevant for your area of interest. For example, which tools you’re comfortable with or briefly explain your career path.

Pro tip: We’re huge fans of keeping things simple and engaging so we usually write around 600-900 characters when presenting our clients. Remember, sometimes we can say more by saying less. What’s important and what will ensure your LinkedIn profile people notice is an informative, easy to read text.


Goes without saying that listing your education on LinkedIn profile is important, especially if that was the foundation of building your career.

Pro tip: Instead of writing a long paragraph about your education, the way you will create a LinkedIn profile that people notice is by listing a few of the courses/modules you completed. This is more concrete than copy-pasting descriptions from the university’s website and people will see exactly what the program covered.


Here, we’re talking about your current and past positions. Make sure to include the title, company name, duration, and the industry. Actually, the industry will help you to create a LinkedIn profile that people notice because your profile will pop up if they’re looking for connections in that particular field.

Also, even though the job description is optional, you should describe your positions, so the visitors get an idea of what your responsibilities are/were.

Depending on your profession, you can also add media to in this section.

Pro tip: Don’t just copy-paste the content from your CV to your LinkedIn profile. Instead, try to either add more duties or different ones than listed in your CV. Remember, your LinkedIn profile can be as long as you want, you’re not competing with other people’s profiles and if someone is visiting your profile, they probably will read everything you write.

Career Break (if applicable)

LinkedIn as a company is trying to normalize career breaks, which is a good thing. With everything that went on in 2020 and 2021, and is still going on, we can all use this initiative.

Because of the pandemic, but also because of platforms like LinkedIn being supportive of personal time, career breaks are no longer an alarming thing to see for the employers.

Pro tip: When it comes to employment gaps (career breaks), you are not obliged to share details from your personal life. So, if you do decide to explain your employment gap, make sure you’re comfortable with it.


If you want to create a LinkedIn profile that people notice, you definitely need to fill this section! It’s your skills and abilities and those range from being friendly and effective communicator to JAVA programming.

Pro tip: You can add 50 skills – make sure to use all of them because that is something that recruiters look at. Not only that, but when you get job matches based on your profile, it’s the skills that will make you stand out.

create a linkedin profile that people noticeThe profile is all set up. Now what?

Once your profile is set up and you’ve done everything we listed, it’s time to interact with others. You can do this through posting yourself or liking, sharing or commenting on other people’s posts.

Add people you know, but also people from the same area of interest and see if you can benefit each other. Follow companies and agencies, add recruiters and hiring managers.

If you are looking for a job, use the “Open to work” option – that will allow recruiters to reach out, but also connections who might be able to help.

And if you really want to know if you managed to create a LinkedIn profile that people notice, sign up for premium membership and see who viewed your profile! To learn more about the benefits of LinkedIn premium, check out this page.

However, if you are struggling with LinkedIn profile creation, do not despair! You can book us to do your profile in no time. Check our offers here.


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