Who is a career coach and how can they help my career?

A career coach can help you unlock your potential.

You probably heard about a career coach or two, but you’re probably wondering what is the role of a career coach exactly. We’ve got so many different types of coaches nowadays that it is fairly easy to get lost in the titles and specializations.

In this article, we will look at the role of a career coaches, who they are, and how can they help job seekers.

The role of a career coach

Let’s. get one thing straight: a career coach can help guide you, but they can’t do the work for you. Similarly to fitness coaches or life coaches, a career coach can advise you, develop plans with you, but you’re still the one who needs to apply them.

Actually, there are many articles about it, and here’s one we’d like to share with you. It will help you understand what career coaching is all about and if that is for you. One thing we ask you is: keep an open mind! Without that, the whole thing is pointless.

Who is a career coach?Asking questions and working on a strategy to get you going is what career coaches do!

Next, let’s explain what a career coach does. A career coach provides the support, help, and guidance you need to figure things out. These are the people who can help you reach your ultimate career goals.

Basically, a career coach can help you find your first job, build a new CV, guide you in a career change, and so on.

However, keep in mind that these people are not magicians. Do not expect to get a secure job by visiting a career coach.

Their main task is to assess the situation, point out your strengths and weaknesses, and give you a preview of job descriptions and positions that suit your character, work experience, and personal situation. In our case, we call it Exploring Options, and you can avail of that service here.

There are different session types you can learn from, like planning the job hunt, getting someone to help you find out what you like or helping you out with interview preparation. You can read about all of those on the page Career Coaching Services.

You are important!

Do not think that you have no part in this. It is essential that you give as much information as you can during the sessions. After all, those sessions are all about you: what you want, what you think you want, and what you need.

That is why you have to communicate openly, even about topics that might not be pleasant.

Past experiences, situations you would like to avoid, and how you feel about those.

Basically, it can be of great importance to a career coach to guide you in the right direction.

Going into little details can make a difference, so do not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable opening up about your fears, desires, and dreams. Any information shared with a career coach is confidential.

If you want to see what you can do, give a career coach a chance!Should you give it a try?

If you feel insecure, confused, or frustrated because you sent your CV to multiple companies without a result, the answer is: absolutely yes!

The catch is, hiring a professional to help you with your career costs money, just like any other professional service. At the end of the day, it is all about the mindset. Do you see it as a waste of time and money or as an investment in a future career and fulfilled life?

Imagine that one or two sessions might direct you toward your dream job… sounds good, no?

Career coaches wait for you, even on this site. Give them a chance; it may change your life! Raise your level of self-awareness and build a career that you deserve.

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