3 tips on how to write an effective CV!

We still rely very much on CVs in job searches so, writing an effective CV is still important.

Surely you know that your CV creates the first impression for the potential employer. Therefore, it is in your best interest you make it a good one.

In other words, an effective CV can make the difference between getting a reply to job application, job interview invitation, or being rejected.

In this article, we’ll go over the key elements you need to focus on in order to write an effective CV. For detailed information and real-life examples, please refer to our step-by-step CV writing guide titled How to Write an Effective CV and Cover Letter. You can get it here.

Now, let’s see how you can write the most effective CV!

1. Tailor your content to the job ad to write an effective CV.

As we’ve written before, you can’t just have one CV and use it to apply for various roles. Instead, you need to customize your CV so it fits the job ad you’re applying to. For every role, you need to highlight the relevant skills and experience, which means you will end up with multiple versions of a CV.
If you really want your CV to be effective, tailoring it is the way to go!

2. Want the most effective CV? Keep it concise!

Recruiters receive dozens if not hundreds of CVs for a single job ad. This means that they don’t have time for long, detailed resumes. Instead, they can only skim through them. If you want to get results with your CV and if you want it to be effective, then keep it short!
Use bullet points instead of long sentences, and focus only on information that is relevant to the job you’re applying to. One page would be ideal, two is acceptable. Anything above that is pointless because you’ll spend time writing it, and no one will read it. Keep that in mind!

3. Document layout & formatting for an effective CV.

This one goes hand in hand with the previous tip. We want recruiters to read your CV, and this means that we need to make sure it’s easy to follow. Therefore, use simple, standard fonts, and stay away from tables, icons, and other graphic elements that are distracting. Present all your information horizontally. You don’t want anyone to try and guess what to read first!

Also, make sure your document is properly formatted and aligned. If you want to write an effective CV, you can’t have it look like a preschooler wrote it.

Learn how to write the most effective CV and boost your job search.What difference does a CV make?

Trust us, it makes all the difference, and it can literally change your life! Think about it: you might need to relocate for a new job and maybe you meet your soulmate. Or you can afford a better lifestyle. Maybe you’ll get a better work-life balance and get to see your loved ones more. Who knows! A CV is not just a CV, it can lead to some pretty big changes in your life, mainly if you write an effective CV.

Read more about CV writing on our blog page here and get free advice on how to improve your job search.

If you need more detailed support and everything in one place – we prepared a step-by-step CV writing guide for you that you can find here. Follow the steps outlined in it and get more replies to job applications.

If you need help crafting yours, use the form below to get in touch. Let’s change your life together!

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