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Am I too young to look for another job?

look for another job

Let’s face it: youngsters are constantly bombarded with advice for all areas of their lives. That is also true when we talk about professional life and career. If you are young and you have a pretty much OK job, a decent salary, and loads of free time, are you supposed to be looking for another job?

What do others tell you? How do you feel about it? Because, without a doubt, that is a 100% personal decision. No one should be telling you what to do or what not to do. After all, you are young and you should explore your options.

What if you have a job but you’re getting restless? And you have all these voices in your head and you’re trying to figure things out…Well, in this article, we’ll take a look at loyalty and when is the right time to make the move.

Is there such a thing as loyalty?

First of all, loyalty is definitely a praiseworthy characteristic!

Staying at a company through thick and thin shows dedication, passion for work, and the determination to improve.

But loyalty can only go so far: it’s only a job, after all, and when cons start outweighing the pros, it’s time for a change.

Especially if you’re still a young professional, and developing and progressing is your top priority, giving the two-week notice is sometimes absolutely necessary. Don’t cling to a job just because someone thinks you shouldn’t “rush”. You need to make your own decisions because you’re the only person who knows what’s it like to have that job.

Only you know what works for you.Can you really be “too young” to change jobs?

The short answer is most definitely “no”.

Why should you stay somewhere where you don’t feel comfortable? Or you feel like you’re wasting your time and talents? Maybe you have seen a great job ad for a role that you’ve had in your mind since you were a child. Should you ignore it just because you’re scared of the reactions of others?

Remember, everyone has their own life, responsibilities, and goals. Everyone’s situation is different. Think through your every move, talk to people who are close to you, and see what works best for you as an individual.

If you were mature enough to find your current job and if you’re doing well, you are certainly mature enough to think through the possibility of resignation,

When should I be looking to switch jobs?

Truth be told, you are the only person who can answer the question of when should you be looking for another job. Sure, you can ask for opinions and advice from others! Just remember, but no one is experiencing your situation the same way you do.

From a professional career specialist’s point of view, we do have some recommendations.

For example, we would recommend people start looking for another job when they have been in a role for a while. This means 2+ years. If your performance is good, no one is giving you a hard time, and if you show initiative but you’re not getting rewarded for it – maybe it is time to look into other options.

The next thing is definitely if you are not feeling appreciated. If this is the case, you should leave. The world is abundant, remember that! Surely, you will find a company that values you, despite your age. There is no reason for you to wait too long if you feel it in your gut nothing will change.

To conclude, switching jobs is never easy. However, sometimes it’s the only right thing to do!

If you feel overwhelmed and you need advice, maybe it would be good to look into career counseling and see how professionals can help you. Don’t hesitate to go get in touch.

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