Should you be honest in your CV?

Honesty is very important when building a professional profile.

Often times than not, people have the tendency to embellish their CVs. Clearly, they write what they think the recruiter or the hiring manager wants to read. It is not that surprising, giving it is in our human nature. That brings us to the question: should you be honest in your CV?

We want others to like us, we want to impress, and we like to show everyone that we can handle whatever it is that needs handling.

There is absolutely no doubt that the above statement is especially true when it comes to the labor market. A lot of professionals, specialists, and experts are out there, and people need something recognizable and appealing. They are all looking for that “factor X” that will make them stand out.

A lot of people then reach for the good old human ability to adapt and they use it in their CV to the maximum. In other words, they don’t even ask themselves should they be honest in their CVs – they just go for it.

Going overboardGoing overboard in your CV can backfire at an interview or when you start the job.

What does it really mean to go overboard? Well, it means that everyone writes super often phrases they have seen somewhere instead of being honest. To be more specific, many dare to identify themselves as “challenge lovers”. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, people will state in their CV or on their LinkedIn profile that they enjoy challenges. There are also certain descriptions that go hand in hand with this phrase. Those are most commonly: extremely flexible, excellent ability to adapt and quickly react to new situations, thrives in dynamic and fast-paced environments. These are just some of the used phrases and they are an overkill.

Here’s one thing you need to keep in mind: what is a challenge to you might not be a challenge to the recruiter. We are all different, so think about that when writing and reviewing your CV. You don’t need to write what you think is expected of you, you need to write something that reflects who you are.

Also, it makes more sense to use this phrase in your cover letter. If you really want to use it. It could be helpful when you’re explaining why you’re looking for a new job – then you can say it’s because you need a challenge. Otherwise, it is too generic and overused.

In the end, ask yourself the following question: do you really love challenges?

Think about this, be honest, and remove it from your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile if it is just a filler phrase. Or if you only wrote it because think you should be saying that. Remember, there are no rules for these things! Your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile need to reflect who you are so stay true to yourself.

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